Embracing Digital Technology as the Future.

Clemens has been dedicating his career embracing digital technology as the future. Through the use of software engineering and IT integration, Clemens was able to transform analog processes into the digital realm. Throughout his journey, he gathered valuable experience while writing software programs. Being an early adopter for most technological trends, you can rely on Clemens' insights when using and implementing technologies and tools.

Clemens Bartz in front of a red wall
Clemens Bartz in front of a red wall

Software Developer

Clemens has an extensive knowledge in writing computer programs. He is able to develop applications in multiple programming languages. With his many years of experience, he is also able to coordinate, design, and lead software projects. His knowledge spans across multiple technologies, but his main focus is on:

  • Jakarta EE (JPA, JDBC, EJB, CDI)
  • Spring (Spring Boot, Spring Data, Spring MVC, Spring Integration)
  • Continuous Integration & Delivery: IntelliJ Idea, GitLab, Git, Maven, Jenkins, CheckStyle

You can find a list of current private projects at clemensbartz.de. For most of his private projects, Clemens acts as a Java developer as well as coordinates then.


Integration Consultant

With dozens of integration projects under his belt, Clemens is proficient in multiple business processes and technologies. His specialities are eInvoicing integrations as well as decentralized warehouses for hazardous and dangerous goods.

The combination of his ability to grasp complex scenarios, his focus for detail, and his problem-solving skills all contribute to the success of his projects. With his expertise in business informatics, Clemens is the perfect fit when talking to experts on either side - business experts, technological experts. Clemens focuses on easy-to-maintain interfaces that have a high focus on security, data protection, and compliance. Some of the technologies he is knowledgeable in include:

  • EDI, B2B, iDoc, Proxy
  • BPMN, Graphical Mapping, Java Mapping, XSLT
  • AS2, SOAP-Webservices, REST, JDBC, SFTP

Clemens is also a SAP Certified Associate Business Foundation & Integration with SAP ERP 6.0.


Soft Skills

He is fluent in English and holds a Master of Science in Business Informatics from Ilmenau University of Technology.